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Alcoa® Wheels are forged from one solid block of aluminium.

Every wheel starts as a single block of high-strength aluminium alloy.
Forging process step 1
Forging process step 2
 With an 8 000 tons press, the block is forged into a wheel shape. Once forged, the wheels are heat-treated to maximize overall mechanical strengths.
Precision machining ensures that each wheel is perfectly round. This eliminates any runout in a turning wheel.
Forging process step 3
Forging process step 4
 The ventilation and mounting holes are drilled.
The last step is the finishing into “Brushed”, “LvL ONE®” or “Dura-Bright® EVO”. 
Forging process step 5
Forging process step 6
 The Howmet Aerospace forging process aligns the grain flow of aluminium with the shape of the wheel. This process results in wheels with unrivalled forged strength that withstand the most severe tests.
We are so confident in the durability and quality of our wheels, we give a 5 year unlimited mileage warranty.

The best solution for your business

ALCOA® WHEELS are a must. The perfect choice for your vehicles.

Strength Alcoa Wheels
Be the toughest on the road
  • High strength test results reveal that ALCOA® WHEELS are 5 times stronger than steel: 
    • Forged ALCOA® WHEELS withstand a load of 71 200 kg before deforming
    • Steel wheels start to deform already at 13 600 kg
  • Impact test results/Japanese JWL test simulates a vehicle hitting a high curb at a speed of 50 km/h. A 910 kg weight is dropped onto the tyre and wheel assembly: 
    • Steel wheels show excessive rim deformation and air loss
    • ALCOA® WHEELS pass the test successfully
Weight Saving Alcoa Wheels
Be the lightest on the scale

By switching from steel to aluminium ALCOA® WHEELS you can easily save up to
51% in weight, depending on the wheel size, allowing you to:

  • increase the vehicle’s payload
  • reduce your operating costs
  • boost your profitability

Calculate your individual weight saving with the ALCOA® WHEELS Calculighter

*Compared to exemplarily steel wheel weights with same dimensions and load rates.

Alcoa Wheels are environmentally friendly
Be greener and cleaner
  • Aluminium is 100% recyclable
  • Contributing to fuel efficiency and improved tire performance
  • Contributes to reduced Global Warming Potential (GWP)
    • Over the entire life cycle (720.000 km in 12 years) the forged aluminium ALCOA® WHEELS are able to reduce the GWP impact by 2,2 t to 3,6 t CO2-equivalent (eq.) for a 12 m standard city bus (6 wheels) and by 4,3 t to 4,9 t CO2-eq. for an articulated city bus (10 wheels) compared to steel wheels.*
    • Over the entire life cycle (1.300.000 km in 10 years) the forged aluminium ALCOA® WHEELS are able to reduce the GWP impact of a truck and trailer combination (12 wheels) by 4,06 t CO2-eq. compared to steel wheels.** 

* Source: ThinkStep (2017) Comparative Life Cycle Assessment of Aluminium ALCOA® WHEELS and Steel Wheels for City Buses
** Source: ThinkStep (2018) Comparative LCA Aluminium ALCOA® WHEELS vs. Steel Wheels for longhaul trucks

Fuel Savings calculator
Save up to 1.29% fuel
Steel Wheels* vs. Alcoa® aluminum wheels**


Fuel Savings: 0.29l/100km (1.29%)
Constant Speed test runs (CST) with a heavy-duty semi-trailer combination, based on Annex VIII of Commission Regulation (EU) 2017/2400 and additional fuel consumption test results.

Infographic of truck

Test Vehicle: Long-Haul truck/trailer combination with aerodynamic components
Truck Steer: 22.5" x 9.00" Alcoa® Ultra ONE® wheels 
Truck Drive: 22.5" x 9.00" dual Al torque wheels Kistler RoaDyn P1HT
Trailer: 22.5" x 11.75" ET120 Alcoa® Ultra ONE® wheels

Alcoa® aluminium wheels were tested against two models of steel wheels used on the same test truck/trailer combination. Find steel wheel specifications in report section 4.2.1* and Alcoa® aluminium wheel specifications in report section 4.2.2**.

Calculate your estimated fuel saving opportunities with the Alcoa® Wheels Fuel Saving Calculator. Estimates are based on the conditions detailed in test report [Download the full test report here]. Individual fuel savings will vary depending on specifications of vehicle and other parameters.

This comparison may not reflect the most recent development and accuracy of the information herein is not guaranteed. Howmet Aerospace reserves the right to change information in this comparison, including the technical characteristics and designs of ALCOA® WHEELS.

Look Alcoa Wheels
Be the star amongst vehicles
  • Give your vehicles an amazing look
  • Timeless design