Mission and Culture

Work is easy when you have all tools around you!

Our mission

To provide the best, safest and most complete tyre service to the commercial vehicle industry by using our knowledge, expertise and technology and working with our key partners to achieve this mission

Our culture

  • We aim to deliver on our mission statement to our customers – contract, retail, wholesale
  • We do not aim to be the cheapest but do aim to always provide value
  • We never compromise on health and safety
  • Our aim is to be clear, communicative and transparent with our customers
  • We want to build partnerships and long-term relationships
  • We will support above and beyond those customers who are loyal and develop long term relationships with the business

Our People

  • Our employees are the heart of Midlands and delivering on our mission statement
  • We aim to give employees the opportunity to grow and develop in Midlands
  • We invest in our people
  • We are inclusive and value diversity. We are building a culture where difference is welcomed
  • We believe in paying a fair market rate wage and rewarding those employees who go above and beyond
  • Our Culture is reward is linked to responsibility
  • Responsibility is a two-way street, we have an obligation to our employees and they have an obligation to the Company, our customers and their team members

Our Community

  • Midland is proud to be in Borris-in-Ossory and be part of that community
  • We support the community not just by business activities but being a positive influence and contributor back to wherever we have offices
  • The community we operate in is part of our team and what helps us deliver our Mission
  • As we grow and expand we will not lose our community values which underpins who we are and how we do business
  • As a leading member of the Irish Tyre Industry Association (ITIA) we are working on developing sustainable solutions within the industry for the benefit of all
  • We are active members of the Repak ELT scheme since its inception
  • We aim to manage the full life cycle of a tyre to minimize the carbon footprint and bring improved environmental outcomes for all
  • We have and will continue to support charities and worthy causes both by sponsorship and organizing fundraising events
  • We will use our market position with manufacturers to bring attention to charitable and worthy causes