Car /Van /4X4

Call to our state of the art fitting facility in Borris In Ossory we sell a wide range of tyres to suit all makes and models of car, Van and 4X4 - we have tyres for every budget.

We also have John Bean laser wheel alignment system to ensure you get the very most from every set of tyres we fit.

Our fully trained staff will be delighted to offer you advise on what’s best for you. Tyre problem, call us for the solution

Are your tyres wearing too fast or unevenly, is your steering pulling? – Do you want to save fuel we have the solution – call to our HQ in Borris In Ossory to avail of our “Super Tracker “ four wheel alignment system for Trucks-

Call ahead to book an appointment.

We offer on site tracking on request – depending on facilities and number of vehicles to be tracked