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Earth Mover Tyres (O.T.R)


Michelin Earthmover, Earthmover, Laois


Off-the-road (OTR) tires include tires for construction vehicles such as wheel loaders, backhoes, graders, trenchers, and the like; as well as large mining trucks. OTR tires can be of either bias or radial construction although the industry is trending toward increasing use of radial. Bias OTR tires are built with a large number of reinforcing plies to withstand severe service conditions and high loads.


At Midland Tyre Services we specialize in Michelin and Mitas Earthmover and Industrial Tyres


The MICHELIN Quarries and Construction tyre range is designed to suit all types of site. In difficult conditions and on very rugged terrain, it is essential for the tyres to be extremely robust.Good resistance to accidental damage means a longer service life and an increase in productivity for your operations. This is why the biggest players in the Earthmover field call for Michelin tyres to fit on their machines.

With the radial technology developed since 1946 by Michelin, Earthmover tyres are real technological gems, recognised as the best performers in the market.



Mitas makes a vast range of industrial tyres such as off-road earth-moving tyres, multipurpose tyres, skid-steer tyres, etc. In the industrial tyres segment customers demand durability and resistance to damage. Mitas makes specific tyres for machines operating in demanding conditions, including gravel and rock quarries.