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Alcoa_22.5x11.75_ET45_combined_grey_lowresALCOA Wheels:

Why choose Alcoa Wheels


Reduced fuel consumption

Because wheels are considered un-sprung weight, additional fuel savings are realized due to mass moment of inertia, where less effort is required to rotate a forged aluminium wheel that weighs half as much as a steel wheel.

In testing performed by an independent testing and research firm, the Alcoa aluminium wheels demonstrated an improvement of 3% in tyre rolling resistance over a steel wheel. This reduction in rolling resistance translates in a fuel saving of 1.0%.


High strength test results

The forged Alcoa wheel (above right) withstands a load of 71,200 kg before it deforms by 5 cm. The rim of the steel wheel is deformed this much at only 13,600 kg. In other words, the Alcoa wheel is more than five times as strong!



Why is forged aluminium so strong ? 

Forging aligns the grain structure of aluminium with the shape of the wheel. This produces wheels with unrivalled strength that pass the most demanding tests. TÜV, JWL- T, LBF tested and a five-year warranty without any limitations on mileage.


Less tyre wear and increased life duration of brakes and suspension

Because Alcoa aluminium wheels are forged and 100% CNC machined, they run truer and exhibit better tyre wear than a stamped and welded steel wheel. Aluminium is also 3x more conductive than steel! Aluminium is the material of choice for heat sinks in laptops and radiator fins for cars and trucks, helping to dissipate heat. And heat is the number one enemy to tyre life, braking performance and brake pad life.