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MIdland Tyres Ireland’s only Alcoa Premium Distributor

IMG_3835With the launch of the all new Alcoa Dura-bright Evo. Midland Tyre Services put together a competition for 2 free dura-bright rims.
Midland Tyre’s have been the sole agent for Aloca alloy wheels for over 20 years, and have been helping everyone from truck driver’s to trailer manufactures in choosing the right rim to suit their needs.

Alcoa wheels are about 47% lighter than the steel equivalent(increased Pay Load) , are 4 times stronger and forged from one piece of aluminium alloy.
They withstand the most severe tests (JWL T, TÜV and LBF). All alcoa wheels carry a 5 year warranty from date of manufacture.
Alcoa is the only rim on the market to offer Dura-Bright® technology.

The main difference’s the new dura bright evo brings to the table are.


Luke and Martin Mulvey

An enhanced hydrofluoric acid resistance: 2-3 times improvement
A much higher chemical resistance: pH levels widened from 5-9 to 2-12
Superior corrosion resistance: 10 times improvement in 240 hours CASS (Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray – tests )

The competition attracted a massive interest, with competiters posting pics of there trucks on the Midland Tyre Services facebook page and let the public do the voting,
It ran for 8 weeks and was very close.

Martin Mulvey driving the Kiernan Transport Scania R620 which has proven to be one of the most popular trucks at shows this year getting a trophy where ever it goes.